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Orange: Racing Orange Ltd Monday 14, December 2020

Meeting Type: Country (Non-TAB MEETING)
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Rail Position:
Dual Track Meeting: N
Track Type: Turf
Track Condition: N/A
Track Information:
Nominations Last Published: Thu 10-Dec-20 2:40PM AEDT
Weights declared by: Thu 10-Dec-20 4:00PM AEDT
Acceptances must be declared before: Fri 11-Dec-20 10:00AM AEDT
Riders must be declared before: Mon 14-Dec-20 8:00AM AEDT
Scratching close: Mon 14-Dec-20 8:00AM AEDT
Total Number of nominations for this meeting (including emergencies) 4
TRIAL Finalised 14/12 - 8.00am

Track Name: Main Track Type: Turf

Field Limit: 10 + 4 EM
  Last 10 Horse Trainer B'mark
1 BIG KING Tommy Wong N/A
2 2x17710x BUZZONI Dean Mirfin N/A
3 435787235x MISS HUGO A GOGO Gayna Williams N/A
4 SUOMENLINNA Alison Smith N/A
2 year old grey-brown colt (29-8-2018) Sire: Crackerjack King (IRE) Dam: Antarctic Fire (Congrats (USA)) View Pedigree Report
Breeder: Mr D McLennan
Owners: P C W Ngai
Colours: Cerise, Turquoise Crossed Sashes, Purple Diagonal Stripe, Turquoise And Cerise Stars Sleeves And Cap
Trainer: Tommy Wong (Hawkesbury)    
Record: 0:0-0-0     Prizemoney:$0    1st Up: 0:0-0-0    2nd Up: 0:0-0-0    
Track: 0:0-0-0     Dist: 0:0-0-0     Track/Dist: 0:0-0-0     Good: 0:0-0-0               Heavy: 0:0-0-0
5 year old bay gelding (20-9-2015) Sire: Nicconi Dam: Sempervirent (Canny Lad) View Pedigree Report
Breeder: Mr J Condon
Owners: J M Condon, Mrs M T Condon, P W Bird, Mrs K L Bird, J Murphy, Mrs F Murphy, J A Fitzpatrick, Mrs P Fitzpatrick, M Peterson, Mrs B Peterson, J Dowd & Mrs S Dowd
Colours: Yellow, Royal Blue Cross, Green Sleeves
Trainer: Dean Mirfin (Bathurst)    
Record: 6:2-1-0     Prizemoney:$29,720    1st Up: 2:1-1-0    2nd Up: 1:0-0-0    
Track: 0:0-0-0     Dist: 0:0-0-0     Track/Dist: 0:0-0-0     Good: 6:2-1-0               Heavy: 0:0-0-0
Distance(s) Won: 1200 (1), 1400 (1)
1 of 10 LISM 19Sep19 1200m Good4 MDN-SW $30,000 ($15,100) Robbie Fradd 59kg Barrier 5
2nd All Up Tee Kay 59kg, 3rd Sizzling Power 54.5kg 1:10.76 (600m 34.73), 0.28L, 6th@800m, 7th@400m, $3.70/$3.60/$4/$4.20
7 of 11 BLNA 06Oct19 1250m Good3 CL1 $22,000 ($500) Robbie Fradd 58kg Barrier 10 Rtg 54
1st Shinar 54kg, 2nd Dash for Van 56kg 1:15.15 (600m 35.84), 3.68L, 4th@800m, 3rd@400m, $2.20/$2.15/$2.30/$2.40F
7 of 11 IPSW 24Oct19 1350m Good4 CL1 $21,000 ($400) Andrew Mallyon 58kg Barrier 10 Rtg 60
1st Bonanova's Dream 57kg, 2nd Cunard 57kg 1:21.02 (600m 34.85), 4.75L, 7th@800m, 7th@400m, $12/$19/$18/$17
1 of 6 LISM 11Nov19 1400m Good4 BM58 $22,000 ($11,200) Ryan Maloney 58.5kg Barrier 6 Rtg 53
2nd Willo Titto 60kg, 3rd Young Amazon 54.5kg 1:24.58 (600m 34.92), 0.11L, 1st@800m, 1st@400m, $3.20/$4/$3.90/$3.80
10 of 11 BLNA 25Nov19 1260m Good3 CL2 $22,000 ($500) Andrew Mallyon 58kg Barrier 7 Rtg 57
1st Brother Magic 56.5kg, 2nd Dreaming of Biscay 57.5kg 1:16.39 (600m 35.73), 9.19L, 10th@800m, 9th@400m, $7/$9.50/$10/$9.50
T1 of 6 ORAN 20Nov20 1000m Good3 OPEN-BT $000 Ms Ashleigh Stanley (a) 0kg Barrier 0
2nd Vaquero 0kg, 3rd How's It Kev 0kg 0:59.88, 0.82L
7 year old grey-blk mare (20-10-2013) Sire: Canford Cliffs (IRE) Dam: Oratrice (Oratorio) View Pedigree Report
Breeder: Mr E Panossian
Owners: Mrs G M Williams, F J Williams, Mrs D M Miller, D J Fitzpatrick, Miss N J Fitzpatrick, P T Thatcher, P J Thatcher & F R English
Colours: Dark Blue, Red Diamond Band And Armbands, White Cap
Trainer: Gayna Williams (Bathurst)    
Record: 35:4-6-5     Prizemoney:$89,130    1st Up: 7:3-1-2    2nd Up: 7:0-1-0    
Track: 1:0-0-0     Dist: 2:1-0-1     Track/Dist: 0:0-0-0     Good: 25:4-3-3               Heavy: 5:0-1-1
Distance(s) Won: 1000 (1), 1100 (2), 1200 (1)
8 of 14 PRKS 17May20 1300m Good4 BM58 $20,000 ($450) Chad Lever 58.5kg Barrier 4 Rtg 57
1st Patrick May 58kg, 2nd Ginger's Voice 54kg 1:16.59, 3.32L, 9th@800m, 8th@400m, $9/$12/$13/$12
7 of 11 DUBB 01Jun20 1300m Soft5 F&M BM58 $20,000 ($450) Ms Ashleigh Stanley (a) 60kg (cd 58kg) Barrier 11 Rtg 56
1st Modernity 60kg, 2nd Holy Empress 62kg 1:16.84, 5.28L, 6th@800m, 3rd@400m, $26/$31/$26/$21
2 of 9 WRRN 22Jun20 1200m Soft5 BM58 $12,000 ($2,020) Greg Ryan 57kg Barrier 1 Rtg 54
1st All Hollywood 56kg, 3rd Rawson Crossing 55kg 1:13.32, 0.71L, 3rd@800m, 2nd@400m, $4.80/$5.50/$5/$5.50
3 of 14 COWR 11Jul20 1100m Soft6 F&M BM58 $12,000 ($1,010) Nick Heywood 59.5kg Barrier 13 Rtg 55
1st Happiest 56kg, 2nd All About Me 58.5kg 1:04.70, 4.80L, 7th@800m, 7th@400m, $6/$7/$5/$5.50
5 of 11 DUBB 09Aug20 1120m Heavy8 BM58 $22,000 ($720) Ms Mikayla Weir (a) 57.5kg Barrier 9 Rtg 55
1st Satan Da 55kg, 2nd Daredevil 62kg 1:06.83, 2.48L, 1st@800m, 1st@400m, $9/$8.50/$8/$7.50
4 year old bay gelding (5-9-2016) Sire: Delago Deluxe Dam: Betrille (Don’t Say Halo (USA)) View Pedigree Report
Breeder: Newhaven Park Stud
Owners: N A Smith & M Collins
Colours: Red, Royal Blue Lightning Bolt And Sleeves, Red Seams, Lightning Bolt Cap
Trainer: Alison Smith (Orange)    
Record: 0:0-0-0     Prizemoney:$0    1st Up: 0:0-0-0    2nd Up: 0:0-0-0    
Track: 0:0-0-0     Dist: 0:0-0-0     Track/Dist: 0:0-0-0     Good: 0:0-0-0               Heavy: 0:0-0-0
T6 of 8 W FM 07Mar19 804m Good4 2YC&G-BT $000 Tommy Berry 0kg Barrier 0
1st Just Thinkin' 0kg, 2nd Superium 0kg 0:47.97 (600m 34.14), 6.60L
T6 of 10 NMNE 26Nov20 800m Good4 OPEN-BT $000 Ben Field (a) 0kg Barrier 0
1st Arithmetic 0kg, 2nd Smokey Eye 0kg 0:45.83, 3.33L