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RISA has partnered with to provide free five-cross pedigrees with interactive nicking. This exciting new service enables Australian visitors to the RISA website to obtain extensive world-wide pedigree information from, an internationally trusted source for pedigrees, breeding and sales information. Stay tuned for additional services to be provided through our partnership with is a component of The Jockey Club Information Systems, Inc. (TJCIS), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Jockey Club in the United States.

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What is Inbreeding?

Indicates any horse that is repeated more than once within five-generations of a pedigree. An example of how inbreeding would be indicated on a report would be: Horse Name: 3S x 5D. This means the same horse name appears in the third generation on the sire's side and the fifth generation on the dam's side.

What is an AEI?

Lifetime Average Earnings Index (AEI), indicates how much purse money the progeny of one sire has earned in relation to the average earnings of all runners in the same time frame. The average earnings of all runners is represented by an index of 1.00, and is calculated for each calendar racing year. A stallion's AEI is calculated for each year he has runners and then averaged for all years his progeny have raced.

What are Black-Type and Stakes Races (BW)?

Australian Black-Type Races are published in the schedule of races described as “Group and Listed Races” by the Australian Racing Board. For races run outside Australia, the complete list and conditions are published by the International Cataloguing Standards Committee.

What is Nicking?

Nicks are crosses of certain sire lines which have proven to work successfully together. By utilising this interrogative service, you can assess the success of crosses and determine for yourself which nicks are truly performing to your standards.